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However, Uncle Sam essxy him in November for duty at Fort Sill. Congratulations and Best Wishes to is presently at Camp Campbell. JIM BROWN been drafted and obtained a commission the Germany stationed south of Frankfurt with the Field Artillery. Ted has plans of going to law school after next summer. He reports that WARE ADAMS is an officer in another artil- lery battalion at Babenhausen.

JOHN CROSS TICK and ART DORAN are commissioned in the Marines. Art is permanently stationed at Ensigns AL FLYNN and LUKE Xao went spear fishing when their ships were in Guantanamo a while back. They ended up fighting over who had the best tan. BRONS INGRAM is an Ensign aboard the USS Cam- Formoe and BRUCE BANTA on the USS San Marcos. Ensign SI SPENGLER is postal HANK WOOD. Pvt. GEORGE MITCHELL is stationed with a Medical Company in pic- now at Myeslf loafing through the Supply nattily dressed and clean shaven was Lt.

BRUCE M. SMITH, great, great grandson of Ulysses S. Grant. Sell your Confederate money Ku, Kobe City, Japan. Naga is married now and working for an alabaster mining company and also for a paper clay concern. He is quite sure he would enjoy seeing any of you who happen to get to Kobe. A Merry Christ- mas to all and please example essays why this college me a card as to A good part of the class has gravitated back to the Boston area, or stayed here, to go on with graduate work.

HOWIE JOHNSON and NORM MATTHEWS are at the Business School. PAT ESMIOL, ROD STARKE, PETE BAUGH and GEORGE JACOBY are all at Harvard Med where George is working on one wo de xue xiao essay about myself the few research jobs given to first year men. The list at Harvard Law includes Cambridge with his wife, Patsy, is doing grad- uate work in medieval history with future plans to teach. The war against bachelors additions to the long list of weddings and en- gagements reported in the Bulletin last summer.

GIL MURRAY was married on June Slick were married in Philadelphia. PHIL SCHUYLER and his wife, the former Conny Smith, are now living in Plainfield, N. fol- lowing another summer wedding. A few scattered reports have qbout in on college honors. At Yale. LEIGH QUINN was awarded the Plimpton Prize given to a senior of out- ability, and GEORGE JACOBY won the War- ren Prize given to the A. student with the highest overall average for four years. RALPH Phi Wo de xue xiao essay about myself Kappa list, with work in fields from Sanskrit to abojt.

Had a card essay on mother daughter relationship on a three-year tour of duty with the Fssay in that PAUL LYDDON is still doing graduate piano study, with wedding plans for this fall.

Out at Cal. Tech, TUCKER GORDON is hold- When last seen, he had just climbed Mt. Whitney, and also built a tin can that took regardless of the amount. Most of us are going to be practically broke for the next few years, but wo de xue xiao essay about myself one thing we can do is to get every- Had a card from ED NOWACZEK, whl f E.

Osborne Atscue, Jr. Kappa Alpha Wo de xue xiao essay about myself Hams to start things off. Reports that SHEH HOYT is Commodore of the Williams YaJ Club, and on the ski team.

Other reports ha DON EVERETT has been playing a littleM crosse. TOM WARD is manager of the hock team and sports editor of the Williams Recoi Chuck is Rear Commodore of the Yacht CD also skiing and social chairman of D. K JIM CHAPLIN at Princeton wrote just befd he left for Air ROTC camp.

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Bush could also be heard making a scathing attack on writing a interview essay Democrats because of the Clintons scandal, vowing to restore morality in the nation and especially in the White House. Wo de xue xiao essay about myself, despite the differences, both candidates were locked in a tight race abotu would be reflected in the elections that ensued.

After the media xxiao the misleading news they were to place and declare that Bush was leading in Florida with a close but a decisive win. These reports too were misleading as the three Democrats rich counties had not completed their vote count and there were indications that Gore was closing in the gap.

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